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FPSR has exceeded my expectations for medical and cosmetic care! Expert physicians and a knowledgeable staff. I have reduced the need for multiple doctors because they offer so many services and procedures.

Wanda S.


So happy with cosmetics results. I have been a patient at FPSR for a dozen years and have always been pleased with my care; therefore, I was extremely excited when I heard they added a Cosmetics department.  As an aging woman, there were several problems with my skin that needed some professional help.  I had the usual issues: brown “age” spots, fine lines, and generalized lack of tone.  I had been using over the counter products and thought nothing would work…enter Skinceuticals!  What a huge difference!  I had no idea that professional grade skin care would make sure a dramatic difference.  My brown spots have been faded, the fine lines smoothed, and my skin looks dewy, fresh, and more youthful.  I have also tried Botox injections for the lines on my forehead and was also pleasantly surprised.  I thought I would have that frozen face look of some celebrities, but found that you can have the injections and still have natural facial movement.  The doctors really listened to what I wanted and delivered!

I have recently tried the new makeup line Abbey St. Clare and am really pleased with the products.  I prefer organic, natural products, and am pleased that the line is made in Virginia!  The colors and coverage are really nice.

I am so happy that I found FPSR Cosmetics!

Nessa G.


My first appointment with Dr. Miller was on a Sunday, over twenty plus years ago for a lingering sinus affection. Finally a correct diagnosis, medication and healing. I am very thankful for that appointment and the relationship established thereafter with him as well as the staff. Dr. Miller is medically knowledgeable, caring and honest though sometimes painfully honest. I am a healthier woman because of his profound medical knowledge as a physician, his prompt attention to my conditions and an attentive staff under his leadership.

Deedee M.


Kari and Dr. Siedlecki are very professional in their approach to preventive and cosmetic intervention.  My experience was pleasant and there was no swelling or downtime.  He just used a bit of Botox and a few filler injections.  In side-by-side comparisons, I look more like my younger brother instead of my father.  I am sure I will return for a ‘tune-up’.

J. T.


Hi my name is Donna and I have been to the Family Practice Specialists of Richmond for many years. I have sent several people that I know to this practice & I will continue to do so. I am thankful to everyone from the women at the front desk, to the nurses and all of the doctors. They always make me smile when I come in even though I don’t feel so good. I live far away and it is worth the drive to be a patient at this practice, they never rush in and out, they want to help you.

Donna D.


I cannot stress enough how much Dr. Siedlecki helped me during the time I attended his center for medical weight loss clinic. Please go to and read all of the FAQs.  My family doctor, Dr. Siedlecki,  is one of the local franchise owners.  I paid out of pocket for the program as my insurance did not cover.  The program provided all meals, doctor’s visits, and discussions. The cost averages to less than what you would normally pay for going to the market, going out to dinner, and fast food.  I started this program with the belief that I was about to have a heart attack and it had to work!  I weighed 350 pounds when I began and lost an average of 5 pounds/week, totaling 95 pounds lost.  I was able to actually enjoy working out, jogging, swimming, and any kind of exercise.  I was able to discontinue my high blood pressure medicine and pre-diabetic medication.   If you stick to this program and exercise, you will lose weight, feel better, and be healthier…you can do it.  Don’t give up!

Keith W.

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