Our Facility


Our 12,000 square foot facility, located on the corner of Winterfield Rd. and Robious Rd. in Midlothian, Virginia was built in 2008. The convenience of having 5 nursing stations, 22 exam rooms (including an endoscopy suite and a cosmetic suite), a laboratory, and a radiology center all on the first floor enables us to provide patients with all of our medical services under one roof. Also located on the first floor is a spacious waiting room, accented with a stone wall. The second floor of our facility houses our billing and administrative team.

FPSR Waiting Room, family practice

Waiting Room

Bone Density Testing

Bone Density Testing Room

x-ray room

X-Ray Room

Waxing Room, FPSR

Waxing Room

Cosmetics, FPSR

Cosmetic Treatment Room

Clinical Skincare, FPSR

Consultation Room

Cosmetics Waiting Room

Cosmetic Waiting Room

Family Practice Specialists of Richmond, FPSR Virginia

Family Practice Specialists of Richmond Exterior

Company Directory

Main Office to Schedule Medical Appointments804-330-3335
Skin Care Department or Concierge Practice Inquiries804-423-1514
Referral Coordinator for Dr. Siedlecki, Dr. Miller, Laura Eastman FNP, Brenda Canada FNP and Medication Prior Authorizations804-423-1515
To Schedule Dietitian Appointments or In-house Colonoscopy/EGD804-423-1515
Referral Coordinator for Lynn Woodcock FNP, Marianne Hagood FNP, Dalia Elsayed FNP804-330-5987
Billing Department804-330-5984
Fax Number804-320-2717
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